Cut Out the Coffee Shop Prices and Enjoy Organo Gold Anytime

It is an inarguable fact that coffee shops have exponentially experienced a surge in popularity over the past two decades. Seattle leads the forefront of this coffee drinking revolution. Coffee is no longer simply just decaffeinated or regular at a local donut shop. The java revolution has produced hand crafted creations such as lattes, cappuccinos, frappes and espresso drinks.

Any time you are feeling the need for some coffee you can frequent your local java joint and order a double shot of your caffeinated sanctuary in a cup. These delicious concoctions come with some hefty price tags at some establishments. You can purchase a specialty drink for anywhere from $3 to $8 dollars. If you calculate in expense on a weekly basis you might be astounded to realize your daily dose of deliciousness is costing you about $25-$50 weekly.

You may argue that coffee has so many health benefits that you are doing something beneficial for your body and your mind. What if you could make a healthy coffee beverage at home or on the go that would also establish long lasting results for your well-being? Organo Gold coffee products are easy to make drinks that are manufactured in single serve portions. These packets can be served hot or iced and are made from some of the healthiest mushrooms on Earth. Yes, you heard that right, mushrooms. The ganoderma mushrooms have been proven to boost the immune system, fight of free radicals and promote healthy digestive and circulatory systems. Organo Gold also makes tea and cocoa drinks and they can be purchased online or through an Organo Gold representative. When you incorporate Organo Gold coffee into your daily drink routine you will begin to feel more focused and alert throughout your daily activities. Organo Gold has been sweeping the coffee shop revolution by storm and the coffee drinks are just as enjoyable as your favorite neighborhood shop.


The 1930s “AristoFreak” House Of Alex Pall

Alex Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart make up the Chainsmokers, a DJ/Producing duo that has been making waves in the music industry for a few years now. Pall was in New York and looking for someone to partner up with for the Chainsmokers. Pall and Taggart were both museum employees at one point, and consequently both knew Adam Alpert, a DJ-loving museum employee himself. Alpert thought the two would mesh well and introduced them in 2012.

Pall and Taggart got along famously from the first, and they both quit their day jobs to give music their full-time attention. Taggart moved from Maine to New York and they practiced in their apartments together for over a year and a half.

Once they felt they were where they needed to be to go public, they began releasing songs and playing shows wherever they could, and pretty much haven’t stopped doing so to this day. They have released charting EPs, a #1 album and more singles than I can actually keep track of, but still keep to the same philosophy that they are musicians making music, so that’s what they do.

Their most recent release is the single “Side Effects”, a self-described “summer banger” that Pall and Taggart wrote and recorded with close friend and frequent collaborator Emily Warren, who the Chainsmokers describe as “one of their favorite people.”

The duo enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with people they get along with, allowing them the opportunity to write music for and with a variety of other musicians. As often as they can the Chainsmokers bring their collaborators to their live shows to perform with them.

Another thing the Chainsmokers have done with their live shows is to bring in traditional instruments to the show, giving the crowd a live performance that is unique each night. They especially seem to love having a live drummer on stage with them.

Taggart has stepped out from behind the DJ table to record, and perform the vocals live for, several of their songs, something most DJs and producers don’t do. They play across North America.

Tim Duncan of Talos Energy

Tim Duncan is the chief executive officer of Talos Energy, an oil and natural gas production company. In 2017, Tim was deep in negotiations to obtain the public, yet failing company, Stone Energy. During this time, Hurricane Harvey began wreaking havoc on the city of Houston and as the flood waters rose, so did the tension.

He knew that he could not allow the flood to be an excuse to fail, so he toted his family to a FEMA rescue boat in waist-high waters, and headed for his parents home in a high and dry place in the city. It was from his mother’s dining room table that Tim would continue to negotiate the $2.5 billion mergers with Stone Energy, and ultimately, it was also where he would find success. Because of Stone Energy coming with a public status, Tim Duncan was able to flip Talos Energy into a public entity as well without causing the public any money.

Saving funds was especially crucial for the people of Houston during such a difficult time. Though it might seem like a risky move for Duncan to obtain a company that floundered and inevitably failed, he was never one to shy away from a challenge. With the two combining, the new company is now producing roughly 48,000 barrels of natural gas a day, and they anticipate far more significant numbers in the future.

Stone Energy may have come with a staggering debt of $700 million, but they also boast a massive $2.3 billion in assets. Coming out on top is nothing new to Tim Duncan, for years the thriving businessman has lingered around failing oil production companies just waiting for them to sell their shares for cents on the dollar.

Once he obtains one of these, he drills new wells and exploits the area to turn a profit. Shareholders can find comfort in Mr. Duncan’s wild tactics by looking at the successful moves he has taken in the past. Now that he owns the majority of oil fields in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico and along the Gulf Coast, Tim is sure to lead Talos Energy to the top of the market!

Peter Briger and his position in Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger, a co-chairman of the board of directors of Fortress Investment Group, gives generously to philanthropic causes. Fortress Investment Group, based in New York City, is one of the world’s premier investment funds.

Peter Briger is on the Board of Tipping Point and Caliber Schools. Tipping Point is an organization based in San Francisco, California, that helps local low-income families. Caliber Schools is a collection of charter schools that prepare students for college and careers.

Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002, as a member of the management committee. He became a member of Fortress’s Board of Directors in 2006 and was elected as a co-chairmen in 2009. At Fortress Investment Group, Briger deals with credit and real estate business. In this position, Briger overseas a team of more than three hundred individuals. His team works with different credit investments, as well as undervalued assets. Gift From Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship.

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Briger received his B.A. from Princeton University. He then attended the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, earning an MBA.

Briger worked at Goldman, Sachs, & Co. for fifteen years prior to joining Fortress Investment Group, He became a partner at Goldman, Sachs, & Co. in 1996. While at Goldman, Sachs, & Co., Peter Briger held several leadership roles and sat on many committees. Additionally, he was the co-head of such of a variety of groups within the organization.

In 2014, Institutional Investor, a monthly magazine published by Euromoney Institution Investor, named Fortress Investment Group as the “Hedge Fund Manager of the Year.” The same year, Fortress was named “Management Firm of the Year” by HFMWeek. In previous years, Fortress Investment Group has received a number of other recognitions, including being named Institutional Investor’s Discretionary Macro-Focused Fund of the Year in 2012, and Credit-focused Fund of the Year in 2011.

Graeme Holm Brings Financial Freedom To Australian Financial Clients.

After working for more than a decade in the finance industry, Graeme Holm was able to realize that there were some gaps in the service delivery by the personnel in the financial institutions. Firs, the clients of the organizations, came from different career backgrounds and not everyone that they served was sophisticated in the financial field. This was enough reason for the financial firms to consider giving financial advice to their clients, and especially the credit customers so that they could be able to meet their debt obligations effectively. However, this never happened. Instead, they could dictate terms to the customers, and due to their ignorance, some of them could find themselves in very rough financial difficulties after some time. This made Graeme Holm feel that something was wrong and challenged him to do something that could completely change the situation for these customers.


The decision that Graeme Holm took was to quit employment and form a parallel company that could offer that same services to the same customers, but in a more qualitative manner. Together with his Wife, Rebecca, they formed Infinity Group Australia, an organization that brought a new dawn to the families in Australia. After forming the company, Graeme Holm and his business partner and wife developed a strategic plan that they would later use to ensure that they provided the services that the financial customers needed and deserved. One of the mechanisms of the strategic plan was the introduction of a training forum where the clients of the organization would be educated on matters relating to debt management and the financial planning in general. In this category, they were trained on how to effectively pay the loans that they have borrowed from their financial lenders while at the same time sustaining the needs of their families. Learn more:


Another aspect that they were trained in the debt management was the budgeting on their income and expenses. Most of the clients had been involved in situations whereby they could never afford a balance between their income and their daily expenditure. This put them in a vicious state of financial difficulties, and consequently, they were unable to meet their loan obligation. To complement all this training, Infinity Group Australia also designed some loan schedules that could enable their debtors to track their outstanding balances and hence they can keep their payment program updated. The company also offers them with the knowledge to design monthly budgets that help them to track their expenditure and subsequently managing the level of their expenses.


The reception of Infinity Group Australia by the families all over Australia has been quite encouraging to Graeme Holm and his wife. The customers have expressed tremendous gratitude to the couple and the management of the organization for liberating them from the chains of exploitation by the older financial institutions. Through the reviews on the company’s website, the customers confess that their families are happier today with the services of Infinity Group Australia and hence the pride of Graeme Holm. Most of them also state that they have experienced financial freedom as a result of the company’s guidance.


Discover The RealReal, Fashionable Consignment

Why Are Customers Choosing The RealReal?

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Instagram has allowed their customers to share great ideas as a social community. With over 800 million users, they have been able to make many brands, news, businesses, music, videos, goods, and services, go viral. Best of all, they have gotten the word out about the RealReal, as a top online clothing store. You can stay dressed for less, and never have to sacrifice quality clothing items, accessories, and shoes. The RealReal exemplies consignment and resale clothing online. Their Instagram customers have enjoyed participating in their watch trade-in program. Enjoy completely effortless consignment with the leaders in simple online shopping.

They currently have 4.5 out of 5 stars with a 96.7 percent success rate. Enjoy real authentication on all of their luxury items. Enjoy up to 80 percent off on all items storewide. New customers receive free shipping offers. You’re invited to visit the RealReal online today for more details.

Guilherme Paulus: Entrepreneur of the Year

Every entrepreneur has a great backstory that explains how they became the success they are today. Sometimes, their backstory doesn’t involve rocky ups and downs; sometimes, they just succeed from day one. Guilherme Paulus is one of those entrepreneurs who hasn’t really had a tough time since launching his first business.

There’s not much about Paulus’ life before he graduated with a degree in business Administration. What is clear is that jumped into the tourism industry as soon as possible. He seemed to have a knack for developing successful business plans for tour operators.

After college, he teamed up with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari and co-founded CVC, a tour operator. As the company’s success lingered in Santo Andre, Cerchiari dropped out of the firm, leaving Paulus to carry the burden. Once in full control, Guilherme Paulus turned CVC into the largest tour operator in Latin America. Visit Guilherme Paulus at Bloomberg for more info.

The company began in 1972, and Paulus spent the next 45 years building CVC into something everyone wanted a piece of. In 2009, the Carlyle Group bought a 63.6 percentage of the company for $420 million. Paulus decided to let another company invest when he wanted to take CVC to a higher level.

Currently, CVC is a publicly help agency with hundreds of stores and hypermarkets all over Brazil. In 2013, CVC reported it was making R$5.2 billion a year and had plans to open more stores. Shortly after that, he sold most of his shares in the company for $750 million, keeping an eight percent ownership.

He left CVC to focus more on his hospitality businesses. In 2005, he founded GJP Hotels and Resorts and started bidding for contracts all over Brazil. He even built and maintained some of the hotels that were used to support the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics.

In 2017, Guilherme Paulus was named one of the Entrepreneurs of the Year by Isto e Dinheiro. The magazine did a full spread on his career, even mentioning his new golf resort.


Vijay Eswaran Highly Influential Leader and Businessman From Malaysia

If you are looking for a name in the MLM industry that has made an immense contribution to the sector and has propelled its growth, then you cannot discount the name of Vijay Eswaran. He is one of the leading businessmen and entrepreneurs from Malaysia and the executive chairman of QI Group of Companies. He founded the QI Group of Companies in the year 1998 when he relocated to Malaysia, his home country, after studying abroad. He completed his graduation from London School of Economics and MBA from the Southern Illinois University. Vijay Eswaran has helped the QI Group of Companies to become one of the leading companies in the MLM sector, and thousands of its members have been able to achieve financial success through its MLM marketing model.

Vijay Eswaran’s leadership has also allowed thousands of its agents to understand the inner workings of the MLM business and what needs to be done to achieve more success. He says that converting potential clients can be done if one can focus on what the customer wants and address their requirements and queries with clarity. Vijay Eswaran’s net worth as per Forbes stands tall at over $750 million, and it has been growing consistently in the past few years. The QI Group of companies is involved in many different industries, which includes travel, luxury, real estate development, telecommunication, nutrition products, corporate investment, health and wellness, manufacturing, and much more.

Over the years, Vijay Eswaran has been able to gather much experience in the field of business, and it has given depth to his business insight and wisdom as well. It is what has helped him become a successful speaker and author. Many of his books have become famous worldwide, including 18 Stepping Stones, Two Minutes from the Abyss, and In The Sphere of Silence.

Robert Ivy Rises Against All Odds To Get The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters went out of the norm to award Robert Ivy with the Noel Polk Lifetime achievement award that is usually accorded to the Mississippi living artists and their patrons. The MIAL president, Nancy Laforge commended the American Institute of Architects (AIA) CEO, saying he deserved the award for making architecture easily available to the natives of Mississippi. His senior Carl Elefante also congratulated him on behalf of the whole architectural fraternity for being a great ambassador for both his profession and the American Institute of Architecture.

Robert Ivy who is a Tulane University graduate started off his career as a principal at Dean/Dale before moving to become the Chief Editor of McGraw Hill architectural record. Under his administration, the record became the most read journal globally winning a couple of awards like the National magazine award and the magazine journalism award. Robert Ivy pioneered the launch of the records mandarin version in China and the Middle East. He was promoted to serve as the institutions Vice President and director in charge of the editorial services.

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In 2010, CEO Robert Ivy was recognized by Alpha Rho Chi, the national architectural society as the ‘master architect’ a title that is held with only six other members since its inception, 100 years ago. This was to appreciate him for his incredible efforts in explaining the importance of design. Before this, Ivy had been presented the Crain award, one of the most prestigious American Business media individual awards. Ivy also got the Deans medal from the University of Arkansas, Fay Jones School of Architecture. Besides the awards, he has published a Fay Jones biography that is currently in its third edition.

The renowned architect was part of the panel that selected Frank Gehry, an architect given the mandate to create the National Memorial of Dwight Eisenhower. Robert Ivy has now joined the list of celebrated personalities in Mississippi who have gotten the Noel Polk award before like Morgan Freeman, Leontyne Price and Shelby Forte. He was officially crowned with the honor on June the second alongside Andrew Cury Young, a stained glass engineer from Pearl River Glass Studio.

Visit for more details about Robert Ivy.

FlavioMaluf Roots for Tax Incentives to Save Entrepreneurs from Tax Burdens.

Most people are well aware that tax evasion is a significant issue in most states. It has been proven that most business professionals in a country like Brazil openly avoid paying taxes because of the burdens they come with. For that reason, an individual like Flavio Maluf has decided to address the issue and perhaps even involve the government in the inclusion of tax incentives to ease their burdens. For him, the problem lies in allowing business professionals to divert the money they have been spending on business to a different cause.

Disintegrating the Tax Issue

Maluf, a man who has been in business for decades is in a better position to understand the expenses that come with heavy tax burdens for business professionals. For that reason, he calls upon the government by highlighting their plea for entrepreneurs to enjoy lesser tax burdens. He calls it the fiscal tax incentive law, and he is confident that these groups of people that are feeling the pinch of dealing with significant tax burdens with be helped in one way or the other. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Supporting the Idea

FlavioMaluf is vastly supporting the Fiscal Incentive Law by stating that it can boost businesses and the community simultaneously. Moreover, he hopes that the idea will not encourage people to evade tax but instead, focus on paying in time while saving the rest of the money that has been generated in the business. Furthermore, he states that the money can be used to boost the growth and development of social programs, health care programs alongside supporting cultures and technological advances.

The Observation

FlavioMaluf is an experienced business professional. Therefore, he vastly understands the impending challenges that most entrepreneurs, novice or new to the industry, go through. For that reason, he pushes for the implementation of tax incentive laws and is keener on making sure that the policymakers implement this law.

The Outline

FlavioMaluf heads Eucatex Group of Companies. He is the chief financial officer and is always in charge of the development of different, useful strategies for the business. As a man who has explored different companies and experienced their impact on the earth, he offers advice regarding different policies and approaches to firms.

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