Bernado Chua: Spreading The Word About The Ganoderma Mushroom

The ganoderma mushroom has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. Philippines native Bernardo Chua learned about it from his Chinese grandparents when he was a child and longed to tell as many people as possible about it.

When he was hired by multilevel marketing company Gano Excel, he found the perfect opportunity. The company marketed ganoderma infused coffees, teas and other edibles and Chua quickly became their top salesperson. He reached out to countless new clients and took Gano Excel products to valuable new markets. But he wasn’t satisfied.

According to PR Newswire, Bernardo Chua felt many people in the West could benefit from what the ganoderma mushroom had to offer. So he moved to California and the company made him head of Gano Excel USA. Chua was energized and quickly developed a tremendous direct sales marketing team.

They introduced the ganoderma infused products to the American market and they were an instant hit. In 2008, Chua decided to strike out on his own. He created a new company, Organo Gold, and took ganoderma infused teas, coffees, capsules and other consumables to an even greater number of people. Read more: Kevin Seawright Talks RPS Solutions LLC on The Larry Young Morning Show

He realized that direct sales was the perfect vehicle to teach the masses about the benefits of the ganoderma mushroom. With his direct sales team expanded to as many as one million independent marketing representatives, Chua increased his efforts to educate people about the ganoderma mushroom.

Organo Gold became wildly successful. Yet Chua still continued to work with organic farmers to ensure he could offer people the best ganoderma products at the lowest possible price. And his work has continued to pay great dividends. Organo Gold and its subsidiary Coffee Connoisseur has brought in many new customers.

In 2015, Bernardo Chua decided to change the name of his company to ORGANO. The company’s growth has continued unabated. The marketing team has prospered greatly, they have millions of satisfied customers and a growing number of people are now aware of what the ganoderma mushroom can do for them.

Bernado Chua has attained his goal of teaching as many people as possible about the ganoderma mushroom.

Finding Fabletics, An Accredited Brand

Every now and then, a customer is going to look for a new brand in any given industry. Among the common things that the customer considers when it comes to companies and brands are the types of products it offers and the customer service. Not all brands are the same in this department. At the same time, even brands that offer good products need to be looked at more closely in order to see if there is some kind of issue with the way business is run. When people come across brands like Fabletics, they have to make sure that the are getting the type of service they want.


One good thing about Fabletics is that it could be trusted. There are many signs of it being an ethical business. For one thing, it has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Therefore, it has evidence to support how effective it is as a company when it comes to the products and the services it has to offer the customers. One thing they do since they are an online company is make sure that the customer knows what they need to do to find their right size. While Fabletics has opened up some stores in some markets, most people are still only able to interact with Fabletics online.


One of the reasons that they have been accredited is that they are upfront. They are also always available with their customer service. Therefore, if anyone runs into any issue with their account or the products they have received, they just have to contact customer service and the issue will be quickly resolved. This is one area where Fabletics shines the most.


For people that are looking for fashion, it is important to pay attention to the company. This is especially true when they are working with a company over the internet. There is so much that could go wrong that one has to make sure that he is protecting himself from any possible mishap that could hurt him. Fabletics makes sure that it shows itself to be trustworthy to the customer.


Community Service

There are many ways that people can make a positive impact in their local community. Bruce Levenson is someone who has had success in this area and in business over the course of his life. Because of his hard work, a lot of people look up to him in a variety of ways. If you want to invest in the lives of others, you need to find a way to do the most good. There are a lot of people who are excited about the work of the Do Good Institute. From the time the company was started, it has been working to add value to people in all forms. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are coming to the Atlanta area.

Bruce Levenson

Few people in business have the hard for others that Bruce Levenson does. He is ready and willing to work hard to add value to the lives of other people. Not only that, but he truly wants to help other people get to the next level in life. If you are looking for someone to learn from, he is the perfect person to do that. Not only that, but he truly wants to make a positive impact in the lives of others. If you want to start investing in various areas of the economy, he can help you get there. Over time, Forbes listed billionaire  Bruce Levenson has donated a lot of money that has been used to invest in others.

Next Steps

According to, the Do Good Institute is just getting started with a lot of their community service work. Over the long term, they have proven to have a plan to help other people with their life goals. In addition, they want to help people like Bruce Levenson help other people in his area.