Democratic Values Inform The Life And Work Of George Soros

George Soros is a financial, political, and philanthropic figure who divides opinion depending on the political outlook of the individual discussing the Hungarian born U.S. citizen who has risen to become the 21st richest person in the world from his beginnings as a refugee from Communist rule. Understanding the life of George Soros and his dedication to providing the highest level of support available to those living under oppressive regimes who wish to create better and more democratic lives for themselves and their fellow citizens. The Open Society Foundations reports the work completed by the group has now moved across the world from its initial focus on Eastern Europe and South Africa to a major focus on other parts of Africa, Asia, and North America where democracy needs to be part of the education programs seen by people in these parts of the world where restrictive laws and legislation limits the opportunities of some groups within society. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

The interest George Soros has in democracy and human rights is thought to stem from his own difficult teenage years that were largely spent living under the oppressive regimes of two of the most evil regimes of history. Soros lived under Nazi rule in his native Hungary after the occupation of the country by German forces, which led to more than half a million individuals from the Hungarian Jewish community being murdered as part of the Holocaust; World War II was followed by the Soviet occupation of Hungary and large parts of Eastern Europe that eventually led to Soros fleeing as a refugee, according to Biography. The need to help refugees remains strong in the work of George Soros as he has set out to make sure the refugee crisis in Europe of 2015 and 2016 remained high on the list of priorities for those in the political environments of the European Union and the U.S.

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As a follower of the open societies philosophical approach, George Soros remains consistent in his belief that democracy should be spread across the planet and those areas of the world where democracy is in place the rights of the individual should always be fought for. The Open Society Foundations explains the people of the world are constantly being fought for by George Soros as he uses his personal fortune of more than $25 billion to fight for human rights in all their forms; despite the success that has been achieved by Soros over the course of his philanthropic career he is one of the first to admit the many major issues facing the world in the 21st century may never be resolved in a successful way without a major political turnaround across the planet. Read more about George’s life story at

Entrepreneurship Transition Led By Brad Reifler

Talk of the renowned personalities in the world today and you will realize they all have an affiliation to entrepreneurship. It means that investment and entrepreneurship do pay. Entrepreneurship may draw very high returns and as a result, people from all walks of life have taken a swing at it. Inclusive is Brad Reifler.

Brad Reifler received his bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College. He is a successful American entrepreneur who has founded many businesses. Despite, he is mainly known for founding and serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital since 2009.

Before then, he had founded Pali Capital and he had headed it as the CEO and the Chairman of the Board for 13 years between 1995 and 2008.

Brad Reifler’s career hit the tarmac back in 1982 when he founded the Reifler Trading Corporation. Its purpose was to engage in the execution of universal derivatives, institutional research, and dissemination of relevant information. The company was a success and it became one of the leading independent future operations. However, it was eventually sold, eighteen years later, in 2000.

Brad Reifler had by now actualized himself as a financial professional worth trusting globally. Pali Capitals, a sell side broker-dealer that solely focused on the equity markets, was his next expedition. He made use of differentiated strategies to achieve expansion of this firm in the hedge fund sector. Besides, he inspired the company to a consistent stream of profits of 200 million dollars.

Moreover, he contributed to its growth to an employee capacity of more than 300 staffs. In his 13th year at the helm, the company experienced tremendous growth with over one billion surplus income. He oversaw the company’s expansion in operation from America, the primary focus, to Australia and the United Kingdom. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

With his aptitude for growth, he has led Forefront Capital since 2009. The company already has several subsidiaries with a prime purpose of creating products that are highly differentiated.

Again, Brad Reifler and his firm have attracted the attention of investment advisers, investment bankers and business leaders. As a result, success has been guaranteed with the numerous opportunities exposed to it. The company leadership believes that the most valuable assets there is in business are relationships and networks, and this is what has led to its success.

Julia Jackson Is a Wine Warrior

Julia Jackson, the self-proclaimed “Wine warrior” of the Jackson Family Wine Collection, says she has always had an interest in wine. It seems only natural since she has been around wine all her life. But the middle child of Jess Jackson says she has always had a deep interest in the business ever since she was a child.

Julia says she can still recall the hot summer days in San Francisco when she would pick grapes under the 100 degree heat. Her father always taught her and her siblings the value of hard work. Julia worked at several of the family wineries. Even today, she has a life-long friendship with one of the daughters of an employee who has worked with her family for decades.

Julia attended Scripps College from 2006-2010. She received a bachelor’s degree in studio art then went on to receive a Management Certificate from Stanford Business School.

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Julia has lived on and off in France for several years. “I love the culture and the people.” It was in Bordeaux where she learned about global markets, sales and distribution. Julia seems to be primed to follow in her mother Barbara’s footsteps. Her mother is the current Chairwomen of Jackson Family Wines.

Julia Jackson started her own non-profit Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. Her goal is to empower women and help them overcome obstacles that may have gotten in their way success. Julie encourages women to pay it forward by helping others succeed.

She is very proud of her family and grateful for their wineries and all the friends they have formed over the decades. Julie says her goal is to help her family business deliver the finest products in the world.

What The Goals Of Mike Baur’s SSUF Entail

Mike Baur loves young entrepreneurs who have ideas that bring disruptive technology to the table in the business world. Whether it’s a brand new app or an idea for a full-scale enterprise in IT or finance, Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) is there to be the home for those ideas to take root. The goal of the SSUF is to coach up the entrepreneurs and put them through rigorous training to prepare them for the competitive business world. What Mike Baur believes is that businesses don’t need years to start becoming self-sustainable, but with the right funding and access to resources they can start becoming profitable immediately.


Mike Baur formed the SSUF in partnership with several venture capital investors and entrepreneurial architects. The SSUF got its name because Baur thinks of what he does as producing entrepreneurs and growing new companies. He sees this company as a true investment in the future and something that can have a lasting effect even greater than financial institutions which come and go as he well knows. For some people who view banking as the backbone of Switzerland, they might have seen Baur’s endeavors to change his career to startup investing as a big gamble that had no rewards. But they would be wrong because Baur has seen the rewards of his labors already with various startups like Velohub (, and Struckd ( But Baur also has seen how these startups may have a chance to fill the void in the Swiss economy that’s happened on the downside of the banking industry.


Mike Baur began in banking when he was still quite young. As has been customary in Switzerland, Baur entered the profession as a 16-year-old apprentice to UBS Group AG. Baur learned the ins and outs of investing and fund management and most of the bank’s clients were very wealthy and powerful individuals. Baur even formulated an investment strategy that targeted even more institutional investors and special clients that the bank’s assets had high numbers. In 2008 Baur left UBS because the recession had hit it, and he then became a high-ranking officer at Clariden Leu. He was a managing director at this private bank for about 7 years, but then he decided the venture capital world was where he wanted to go. It wasn’t long after Baur launched the SSUF that Clariden Leu shutdown, and the banking industry as a whole was on the decline.

Bernardo Chua Journey to Becoming the CEO of OrganoGold

Bernardo Chua is a renowned expert in multi-level marketing and expansive direct selling. His interests in healthy living led to the introduction of Ganoderma, a superb Chinese herb to the western world.

He learned about the uses of Ganoderma from his mother who carried the herb from China when they moved to the Philippines. He is the current CEO of OrganoGold, the largest producer of instant tea, coffee, and tablets all over the world.

His Career at Gano Excel

Prior to founding OrganoGold, Mr. Chua worked in direct selling at Gano Excel, a Philippines-based multilevel marketing company that marketed products containing Ganoderma.

Ganoderma is a mushroom rich in nutrients that energize and revitalize the body, promoting good health. The mushroom grows in Asian mountains. His excellent marketing skills bore fruits, leading to an expansion of their client base to other countries, including Hong Kong, U.S.A., and Canada. He later received a promotion and became the President of Gano Excel USA.

CEO of OrganoGold

Bernardo Chua left Gano Excel USA and founded OrganoGold in 2008, a company that produced products containing Ganoderma. Mr. Chua currently serves as the chief executive officer of the company, which has its locations in Vancouver, Canada. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

The company has been producing products such as instant coffee, tea, and supplements to over 35 countries worldwide, covering millions of consumers. Mr. Chua has developed a startup that employed only three workers into a multi-billion company with thousands of employees and distributors in most parts of the world.

Awards and Recognitions

Bernado Chua has received numerous awards and recognitions in direct marketing, including the Outstanding Global Entrepreneur award.

He is also the recipient of the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry from the joint 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards, 2014. Additionally, Organo Gold is a five times winner of the Direct Sales Company of the Year Award, among others.

Market America Products: Providing Leading Supplements

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