Robert Ivy Rises Against All Odds To Get The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters went out of the norm to award Robert Ivy with the Noel Polk Lifetime achievement award that is usually accorded to the Mississippi living artists and their patrons. The MIAL president, Nancy Laforge commended the American Institute of Architects (AIA) CEO, saying he deserved the award for making architecture easily available to the natives of Mississippi. His senior Carl Elefante also congratulated him on behalf of the whole architectural fraternity for being a great ambassador for both his profession and the American Institute of Architecture.

Robert Ivy who is a Tulane University graduate started off his career as a principal at Dean/Dale before moving to become the Chief Editor of McGraw Hill architectural record. Under his administration, the record became the most read journal globally winning a couple of awards like the National magazine award and the magazine journalism award. Robert Ivy pioneered the launch of the records mandarin version in China and the Middle East. He was promoted to serve as the institutions Vice President and director in charge of the editorial services.

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In 2010, CEO Robert Ivy was recognized by Alpha Rho Chi, the national architectural society as the ‘master architect’ a title that is held with only six other members since its inception, 100 years ago. This was to appreciate him for his incredible efforts in explaining the importance of design. Before this, Ivy had been presented the Crain award, one of the most prestigious American Business media individual awards. Ivy also got the Deans medal from the University of Arkansas, Fay Jones School of Architecture. Besides the awards, he has published a Fay Jones biography that is currently in its third edition.

The renowned architect was part of the panel that selected Frank Gehry, an architect given the mandate to create the National Memorial of Dwight Eisenhower. Robert Ivy has now joined the list of celebrated personalities in Mississippi who have gotten the Noel Polk award before like Morgan Freeman, Leontyne Price and Shelby Forte. He was officially crowned with the honor on June the second alongside Andrew Cury Young, a stained glass engineer from Pearl River Glass Studio.

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FlavioMaluf Roots for Tax Incentives to Save Entrepreneurs from Tax Burdens.

Most people are well aware that tax evasion is a significant issue in most states. It has been proven that most business professionals in a country like Brazil openly avoid paying taxes because of the burdens they come with. For that reason, an individual like Flavio Maluf has decided to address the issue and perhaps even involve the government in the inclusion of tax incentives to ease their burdens. For him, the problem lies in allowing business professionals to divert the money they have been spending on business to a different cause.

Disintegrating the Tax Issue

Maluf, a man who has been in business for decades is in a better position to understand the expenses that come with heavy tax burdens for business professionals. For that reason, he calls upon the government by highlighting their plea for entrepreneurs to enjoy lesser tax burdens. He calls it the fiscal tax incentive law, and he is confident that these groups of people that are feeling the pinch of dealing with significant tax burdens with be helped in one way or the other. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Supporting the Idea

FlavioMaluf is vastly supporting the Fiscal Incentive Law by stating that it can boost businesses and the community simultaneously. Moreover, he hopes that the idea will not encourage people to evade tax but instead, focus on paying in time while saving the rest of the money that has been generated in the business. Furthermore, he states that the money can be used to boost the growth and development of social programs, health care programs alongside supporting cultures and technological advances.

The Observation

FlavioMaluf is an experienced business professional. Therefore, he vastly understands the impending challenges that most entrepreneurs, novice or new to the industry, go through. For that reason, he pushes for the implementation of tax incentive laws and is keener on making sure that the policymakers implement this law.

The Outline

FlavioMaluf heads Eucatex Group of Companies. He is the chief financial officer and is always in charge of the development of different, useful strategies for the business. As a man who has explored different companies and experienced their impact on the earth, he offers advice regarding different policies and approaches to firms.

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Meet Ronald Fowlkes: As an American Hero and mentor to kids, he brings positivity and earns respect in his daily life.

Like many ex-veterans who have served the U.S. military, proudly, American Hero, Ronald Fowlkes stated that he has an enduring love for his country. Fowlkes in intent on making his country a better place for all by assisting others. Fowlkes also enjoys doling out advice to the youth as part of his work with his son’s minor hockey league team. When Ronald Fowlkes was provided with the opportunity to work with kids, he agreed to take on the job of a mentor.

Ronald Fowlkes is a person who brings a heightened sense of enthusiasm likes to share the knowledge he has gained over the years in areas of military history, fitness, and especially the game of ice hockey. Fowlkes is proud of service in both the Army’s parachute school and a Marine Corps’ Spec-Ops unit. Fowlkes is a person who can give significant insights about life that will show the kids that there are people like Ron who care and are willing to give 100 percent to the principal causes that he believes firmly in.

Fowlkes is a mentor that the youth feel comfortable enough around to ask him questions. Because of his life experiences in the military and in combat situations, there are topics that kids wouldn’t typically ask adults about, but believe in him to provide information that can lead mentees down the right path in life. Fowlkes is a father and a mentor to his son, who plays for the Saint Louis Blues’ Triple-A ice hockey team.


Jeff Herman: Valuable Information to Parents in Guarding the Sexuality of Kids

Jeff Herman is a firm advocate of victims of sexual abuse. He represents them to ensure that they have found justice and help regarding their cases. Jeff won the $100 million verdict for a client who had been sexually abused by a priest. In the recent news, Jeff Herman was on the highlight of the news for representing many men in their sexual lawsuits against Kevin Cash. He founded a law firm called Herman Law that is committed to serving all the victims and survivors of sexual abuse in their civil suits in the nation.

Due to the rampant cases of sexual abuse, Jeff Herman has risen to give a hint to parents on how and why to protect their kids from such occurrences. He does this through both online platforms and offline. He has released some valuable advice to parents on how to communicate with their kids and alert them of the sexual crimes and the predators and how they can identify these kinds. He says that this information is crucial for them in helping them of any impending dangers in future. It is essential to protect the kids every time against the rapist and molesters. Jeff underlines some steps as described below.

The first step is to engage in a talk at the appreciate age. This means that you should begin talking to them about their bodies as early but also ensure that you keep the right boundaries with the kind of information that you give. Use the vocabularies that they can understand easily. The second step is to teach them the act of saying no. they should understand that they are above to make decisions as early. They do not have to accept every suggestion that comes on their way. Thirdly, take time to use examples so that they can relate to what you are bringing across. Insist on them that no one is allowed to touch their private parts. Jeff summarizes by advising the parents not keep talking about the matter every time. The sex talk should be an all-time conversation, which keeps them safe, open-minded and aware that their safety should be essential.