How Sussex Healthcare Helps Its Residents Mentally As Well As Physically

Sussex Healthcare has been in business for over 20 years. They provide care to both elderly people as well as adults that require specialized care. The homes they operate are located in the county of Sussex, England, which lies on this nation’s southern coast.

It was founded by two businessmen, Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani, who continue to serve as this organization’s joint chairmen. Shiraz Boghani brings his decades of experience owning and operating a chain of hotels in the United Kingdom, as well as extensive accounting experience. Shafik Sachedina, meanwhile, has worked for decades as a dental surgeon in the healthcare industry.

The very first of Sussex Healthcare’s homes was established in 1985. In the past 23 years they have opened over 20 more homes. Many of these homes are full-care facilities where their customers live. Additionally, they own and operate a new gym that has pools, hot tubs, spas, and cutting-edge workout equipment. The team at this company busses the people under their care to this centralized facility where they can work out and take advantage of hydrotherapy.

One of the particular specialties of this company is taking care of those older people who have dementia and other age-related mental conditions. Another specialty is taking care of people of all ages who have cognitive issues which means they need assistance to live their lives. Some of the people that use Sussex Healthcare facilities are in homes where they just need limited services while other homes are for those who have more extensive needs.

One of the underlying philosophies at Sussex Healthcare is that all people need to be able to engage in social, recreational, and leisure activities. Just having physical health isn’t enough for anyone to truly live. To this end the team at this company encourages all of their residents to stay engaged and find things to do that they enjoy. Everyone has different interests so Sussex Healthcare offers a broad range of activities to do such as playing cards, gardening, movie nights, quilting clubs, and more.

Shiraz Boghani is the owner of Splendid Hospitality which has more than 20 hotels such as Conrad London St James. The was recently named as the Hotelier of the Year. He was born in Kenya and moved to the UK in 1969. Shafik Sachedina comes from Tanzania and became a dental surgeon in 1975. He is also very active with the Aga Khan Development Network Committee.

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Fortress Investment Group, the Investment Master

Fortress investment group is an investment company that deals with the sale of shares and management of assets. The Company, which is leading in investments and based in New York, has made significant progress since its founding in 1998.Fortress investment Group manages assets for over fifteen hundred clients and other private investors. In addition to that, the company deals with the management of real estates and sale of permanent shares and private equity investment strategies.During a report released by Crunch base, the fortress was the leading and a highly diversified global investment management firm. Apart from managing assets, Fortress Investment Group carries out philanthropic acts such funding the 2010 winter Olympics games. This is after the game left a deficit of 1.5 billion dollars and due to the collapse in Vancouver’s real estate market, financing the games became almost impossible.In 2017, Softbank group announced its full acquisition of Fortress Investment Group which is an additional investment for Softbank. However, Fortress continues to run independently. The acquisition resulted in:

  • The outstanding class A shares of fortress being converted to the right to receive eight dollars per share.
  • The common stock for fortress ceased trading as it was deleted from the list of New York Stock Exchange.
  • The financial reports of Fortress will be consolidated and reflected on Softbank‘s financial statements.
  • Fortress will operate within Softbank whose headquarters are in New York.

This is after the completion of the acquisition process which involved the approval of the transaction by the company’s shareholders in July 2017. Fortress still gets to retain its core- principals who are, Wes Edens, Pete Briger, and Randy Nardone. When some employees from fortress were interviewed on their experience at the company, they said it was amazing since the environment was fast-paced. Values such as team work are well portrayed. The company recognizes employees’ hard work and motivates them. Furthermore, the company is a good place to learn and expands skills. It is a rewarding environment. Some described it as fun and an amazing place to work as the people are self- motivated and all align themselves with the main agenda, which is, to increase the productivity of the company.

Fortress Investment Group is a fair institution because it gives opportunities for growth and equal chances of promotion. In addition to this, the management is always ready to give an ear to their issues.The management team of Fortress is led by McKnight as the managing director in the credit funds department. Thomas W pulley is the chief investment officer of Fortress. Together, they make up a strong team that contributes to the success of the company. The employees together with the interns praised the team during an interview saying; they are smart, very thoughtful, and considerate of their issues. Furthermore, the team creates a good rapport with the employees hence ensuring a close, open and trusting relationship which enhances their productivity. The team is also keen and alert, a trait that enables it to surface issues early before they become troublesome.

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Ian King: There Is Still Room for Growth in the Cryptocurrency Market

Ian King is one of the leading experts on cryptocurrency trading. He was recently recruited by Banyan Hill Publishing Company whenever they were looking for an expert on the new asset class which is known as cryptocurrencies. In their search, they were looking for an individual who had both experience in the new asset class as well as experience as a professional trader on Wall Street. Ian King originally received a bachelor’s degree in psychology before entering the finance industry. He has worked for both Salomon Brothers, at their mortgage bond trading department, as well as the large banking entity Citigroup. Today he is the lead editor for Crypto Profit Trader a publication on cryptocurrencies by Banyan Hill Publishing Company. Learn more about Ian at Crunchbase.

Ian King has posted numerous articles on the benefits of blockchain technology and bitcoin. Over the last several years the price of bitcoin has increased dramatically to a peak in January of nearly $20,000 a coin. It is now trading just under $9000 a coin which may seem like a significant decrease, but whenever you consider that only one year ago the coin was still trading under $1000, apiece it becomes quite obvious that it has still experienced significant growth in a very short period of time. This has led many people to call the asset a bubble.

Ian King Banyan believes quite to the contrary and states that this is only the beginning for cryptocurrency markets. The reason that he believes this is that while a lot of people have heard about bitcoin very few people own it and even less understand it. He believes that in 2018 we will experience a tipping point in which the value of a product or an idea begins to spread like a virus amongst the general population.

In 2017 the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies grew from $18 billion to over $600 million. Just over nine years ago cryptocurrencies were absolutely minuscule. Today corporations and governments around the world are beginning to hire experts on blockchain technology in an effort to develop new ways to utilize the technology. Ian King believes that as the technology grows, it will become easier for everyday individuals to begin trading. Ian King believes that only around 10 million people around the world currently own any amount of bitcoin. This means that there is still significant room for growth in the industry. Institutional investors have yet to penetrate the market which means there is still huge sums of money that have yet to enter. Read more:


Investing in Brazil: Igor Cornelsen Has Some Ideas

Brazil is a country that offers tremendous opportunities for investors. Over the past few years, many people have started looking for investment opportunities in South America. With a growing population, many people believe that economic growth will continue to accelerate in the future. Numerous people are expected to continue investing in growing areas of the economy.

Igor Cornelsen is an investor with years of experience. He has lived his entire life in Brazil, and he wants to see it succeed. He believes that Brazil offers an excellent opportunity to invest for the future. Anyone who wants to work with Igor Cornelsen on an investment project should reach out to him. See more of Igor Cornelsen at

Future Plans

Igor Cornelsen made a fortune investing in real estate in Brazil. Over the past few years, he has looked for new opportunities in various areas. He believes that real estate prices will continue increasing in the coming years. Despite all of the economic volatility in South America, Brazil has remained relatively stable in recent years. A stable economy is the most important aspect of investment growth.


Igor also invested in numerous mining companies early in his career. Brazil has many natural resources that people mine for. Although working in a mine is not easy, some people feel like the work is worth the reward. Diamonds are one of the most significant experts out of the country. He still owns a substantial position in multiple mining companies.

Future Outlook

Brazil has a healthy outlook for the future. Some people are worried about the changes that could take place in the coming years. With rapid population growth, the government must act quickly to upgrade the infrastructure in the country. Now is the perfect time for people to start focusing on key areas for the future. Igor Cornelsen will continue investing in areas where he sees the potential for growth. Read more:


Paul Mampilly: Leading Tens of Thousands

Paul Mampilly’s journey to America’s best investment advisor is a long, arduous one. Perhaps arduous is the wrong word; perhaps Mampilly’s journey wasn’t that bad. He experienced tremendous success for someone his age and continues to experience success thanks to the knowledge he learned at that young age.

Unlike other successful investors who turn into professional investment advisors, Paul Mampilly shares his knowledge with the world through a newsletter. While the advice isn’t free, it’s also not the advice from a professional institution, and thus, doesn’t come with any guarantees. It’s up to every reader to act upon his suggestions.

One would think people would be able to figure that out, but sadly, many do not understand how newsletters work. There are a lot of people who call Paul Mampilly a fraud because they didn’t become millionaires overnight. Paul Mampilly makes no claims like that, but people get frustrated when things don’t go their way and lash out at innocent people.

Those that do correctly understand and act upon his suggestions make money off their own investments; it’s the reason his newsletter, Profits Unlimited, has over 90,000 subscribers. The newsletter doesn’t just show people which stocks to pay attention. Read more about Paul on

Profits Unlimited also talks about each stock in great detail. This shows mainstream Americans how to potentially spot primed stocks for themselves. That attention to detail is why so many people call Paul Mampilly an investment guru and trust his advice over everyone else’s.

Paul Mampilly started his career in 1991 when he worked as an assistant portfolio manager on Wall Street. His first job at Bankers Trust didn’t last long due to his natural gifts for finance. He quickly rose up the ranks of several financial institutions and started managing multimillion-dollar accounts.

Some of the banks he worked for, Deutsche Bank, worked as stepping points for his career. Eventually, he earned a job at Kinetics Asset Management, where he achieved his greatest accomplishments. He turned the $6 billion company into a $25 billion company in less than two years, earning the company the “World’s Best” title from Barron.

Paul Mampilly stayed in the investment industry until he grew tired of the fast pace. Wall Street only makes more money for the already rich and top one percent of society. For more information, visit:


Igor Cornelsen Providing Tips to Investors for Better Returns and Financial Security

Igor Cornelsen is a highly respected and reputed financial advisor and investment strategist from Brazil. With decades of experience in the financial world and unmatched expertise in devising investment strategies, Igor Cornelsen is often consulted by investors and companies while building their economic strategy. Many companies who are trying to expand into Brazil or want to enter the Brazilian market consult with Igor Cornelsen to polish their commercial and marketing plan further. It helps them to understand how the local Brazilian market and economy works so that the business can craft their plan accordingly. It helps in getting the results faster and ensuring that the risk, as well as the financial loss in question, is minimized.

As far as the investment goes, the tips and tricks given by Igor Cornelsen are beneficial. One of the first tips for investment that Igor provides is that the person should look for investment options that carry considerably less risk. There are many investment options out there, and doing a little research would help. Igor Cornelsen says that the person should not lose money while making investments as investments are meant to make money, and not lose money. If the investment cost you money, walking away from such an option is recommended. See more of Igor Cornelsen at

Igor Cornelsen says that another tip for long-term wealth creation is to ensure that you start investing early. Sooner you start spending, better it is for you. It would help you get better returns and would also minimize risks that the short-term investments carry. He also mentioned about the policy of diversification with investments, which is essential. Do not try to make significant investments in one stock or one particular investment option, but diversify.

Diversification of your investments would help you get the results that you desire. There are numerous investment options out there that come with systematic investment planning feature, which means that a part of your savings goes to a particular investment every month as per your instructions. It would help in building a considerably sized wealth portfolio in the long-run. Igor Cornelsen says that following these tips religiously would help you make significant returns on your investment. Read more:



The Frontera Fund is Trying to Stop the Elimination of the DACA Program

The DACA program is a very important piece of legislation that benefits millions of people in this country. DACA stands for Deferred Action of Childhood Arrival. This program is beneficial to young and middle age illegal immigrants who have been living in the country before 2007. President Trump is currently trying to do away with this process as a part of his overall crackdown on illegal immigration. His actions could create a lot of chaos in the lives of many illegal immigrants, their children and within American society.


The biggest problem that could result from Trump’s action is the issue of deportation. If Trump and his supporters can do away with the DACA ACT they will be able to send hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens back to their birth countries. This would mean that illegal aliens could be rounded up and sent to the place where their parents had birthed them.


Many DACA recipients have their information recorded. Since they have temporary social security numbers and a home address, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can round these individuals up and send them back home without much of problem. This brings up the next dilemma.


Just because a person can be deported does not mean they do not have a right to contest their deportation. Since this is the case, if Trump’s elimination of DACA is successful, then the immigration courts could be jammed up for years with nearly a million immigrants trying to fight their deportation. Especially, if they have proof that they are living life no differently than any other American citizen.


Another situation to consider has to do with family. Many DACA members where minors when they first came to this country. They are now grown up adults and they have children of their own. Children born on U.S. soil are considered American citizens; even if their parents are not. The elimination of DACA could cause hundreds of thousands of children to experience broken families and lives. Parents can be separated from children and extended family relations can be ripped apart as well. No decent thinking American would want this to happen to anyone.


Larkin and Lacey are two important men from the Phoenix, Arizona area. They co-founded the Phoenix New Times paper. The two men created the Frontera Fund which serves the purpose of helping pro-immigration groups. Any group that works to improve the lives of immigrants and to protect their rights can benefit from Frontera support.


Lacey and Larkin understand the immigration paradox that has been plaguing this nation for the past 20 years. They have grown up in Arizona and witnessed it first-hand. They realize that many businesses rely on the hard work that DACA recipients provide. The newspaper owners also understand that various segments of society rely on the money that is generated by DACA members. The Frontera Fund is being used resourcefully in the fight against President Trump and his elimination of the DACA program.

Jeremy Goldstein and An Effective Solution He Offers To Incentivize Employees

There are many good leaders that are sprouting every day, as new businesses start and offer their new solutions for the clients in every part of the globe. Right now, one good true leader that has shown the skills and dedication to provide the best to the society and clients they’re serving is Jeremy Goldstein.



The Knockout Stock Options



It is said that the general attitude of any business owner is to maximize profits but at the same time ensure that their business survives the threats of obsolescence. In the fierce competition that the business people are always facing every day, it makes sense that these companies have all the needed support and assistance they need to get through these challenges. Why? In the first place, companies can only innovate and improve their sales if they survive first. In the second place, the competition is fierce out there. In the effort to address such challenges, Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein offers a series of solutions for companies, and one of these programs that can solve business problems is Stock Options.



The Advantages of Stock Options



Not only are stock options necessary for a person to tap the potential of the stock market and increase dramatically their efforts, but it’s also essential for the big business to scale or at least stay in the game. Employees that are also given stock options could benefit a lot and may increase their performance. This is the reason why Jeremy Goldstein is helping companies to take advantage of this offering. With stock options in the list of incentives for employees, they increase their profit with just a little bit of investment.



The Knockout Option that Jeremy Goldstein proposes is basically like this one, but a bit higher. It has the same limits but better, because the employees have no incentive to game the metrics for stock options and they’re not given a lot of commitment to stick to them because knockout options have a barrier that allows them to sell them. They can lose the share if the value of a company falls under a certain specified amount.



About Jeremy Goldstein



It’s essential to say here that Jeremy is the lawyer who has a built a career helping big companies offer their employees wonderful incentives. He graduated from the New York University School of Law and now the current head of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. He has assisted so many companies and CEOs today in building them the best incentive programs fit for their employees. Learn more:


Dedication of the Gregory Aziz in Fostering Success of National Steel Car

Gregory J Aziz has made himself a prominent investor in the sphere of business. He has perfected the leadership skills after working in many organizations that infused him with the right know-how of handling the matter related to the management of the company. He controls the operation of the National Steel Car. As the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairperson of the firm. Greg Aziz was born in London and raised up in the same city. The competence he has in the arena of business developed while studying at Western Ontario University where he pursued the degree program in the side of economics.


Gregory James Aziz took part in the different role while assisting the family business, Affiliated Foods, in 1971. The showcased his ideas and skills on matters of management. The passionate abilities he had made him a manager of the company. Aziz made the Affiliated Foods as the leading in the segment of the imports of the fresh the produce from Europe. Additionally, he marked a new level in the company in the sense of making it access the international market through its exports of the produces to the customer based in the United States and Canada.


Gregory Aziz invested in his earning in different banking institutions in the New York. The projects took place in the 1980s and 1990s. He then diverted the revenue in buying the National Steel Car in 1994. Greg Aziz availed all the requirement with the aim of restoring the glory of the company. He adopted the modern way of handling the various matter of operations to set the company in the right direction. The dedication he put in pushing for the objectives of the company made the National Steel Car the leading firm in railroads and freight car manufacturing. Refer to This Article for related information.


Gregory Aziz has emphasized on idea sharing as the spirit of the company to build innovation through idea sharing among the workers. National Steel Car currently has set its operation within the conformity of the law through ISO certification. It is the lone railroad’s freight car company that has to meet the ISO registration in the North America region. The skills of the Gregory James Aziz in the field of economics has enabled him handled the financial matters in the organization with less abrasive challenges. He has further added newly qualified workers to foster the success of the National Steel Cars.


Greg Aziz has restored the glory of the National Steel Cars and put it on the map of the world through his commitment.


Greg J. Aziz And The Foundation Of An Empire

The success of Greg Aziz is expanding as he now operates one of the world largest business empires. National Steel Car is the foundation of international business between Canada and the United States. The agency makes the connection of products between two countries possible. The endless business in both nations is a reflection of yesterday, today and a bright future.

The future of steel-car manufacturing is expanded as innovation and other factors improve. Society provides solutions for mankind every day, and the foundation of this economic process is transportation. Transportation allows us to send out products globally. These are valued contents that others will receive at a discounted rate.

Growing Beyond The Limits Of Your Imagination


The growth of National Steel Car is built on the foundation of a limitless imagination. Current CEO, president and chairman of the agency is James Aziz, and his leadership is taking National Steel Car to greater heights. There’s no limit to the expansion of Northern economies. This business prospect enables National Steel Car to remain relevant within a changing world.

National Steel was a significant business the day that Gregory came into ownership of it, after its purchase from its then owner DOFASCO. The work he does today shows a real improvement in redefining the limits of cargo-car manufacturing. The basics of demand have not yet shown a decline and is expanding as we know it. Getting beyond these limitations is the work of Gregory J. Aziz.



Never Stopping And Continuing To “Chug” Along


Making sure that the locomotive systems of the world remain intact starts with cargo worth moving. There are tremendous weights to be moved through the structure of locomotive industries. The work requires a cargo car that has been tested and approved for massive weight during long durations of time. Find Related Information Here.


Keeping those pieces chugging along dictates how much cargo can be shipped in any period of quarterly commerce. The expanding world consists of the expanding population and their economies. Their demand and needs bring a wealth of products, resources and materials to their locations and regions. The ultimate result is an effective system to move train cars with.

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