The 1930s “AristoFreak” House Of Alex Pall

Alex Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart make up the Chainsmokers, a DJ/Producing duo that has been making waves in the music industry for a few years now. Pall was in New York and looking for someone to partner up with for the Chainsmokers. Pall and Taggart were both museum employees at one point, and consequently both knew Adam Alpert, a DJ-loving museum employee himself. Alpert thought the two would mesh well and introduced them in 2012.

Pall and Taggart got along famously from the first, and they both quit their day jobs to give music their full-time attention. Taggart moved from Maine to New York and they practiced in their apartments together for over a year and a half.

Once they felt they were where they needed to be to go public, they began releasing songs and playing shows wherever they could, and pretty much haven’t stopped doing so to this day. They have released charting EPs, a #1 album and more singles than I can actually keep track of, but still keep to the same philosophy that they are musicians making music, so that’s what they do.

Their most recent release is the single “Side Effects”, a self-described “summer banger” that Pall and Taggart wrote and recorded with close friend and frequent collaborator Emily Warren, who the Chainsmokers describe as “one of their favorite people.”

The duo enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with people they get along with, allowing them the opportunity to write music for and with a variety of other musicians. As often as they can the Chainsmokers bring their collaborators to their live shows to perform with them.

Another thing the Chainsmokers have done with their live shows is to bring in traditional instruments to the show, giving the crowd a live performance that is unique each night. They especially seem to love having a live drummer on stage with them.

Taggart has stepped out from behind the DJ table to record, and perform the vocals live for, several of their songs, something most DJs and producers don’t do. They play across North America.