Paul Mampilly: Leading Tens of Thousands

Paul Mampilly’s journey to America’s best investment advisor is a long, arduous one. Perhaps arduous is the wrong word; perhaps Mampilly’s journey wasn’t that bad. He experienced tremendous success for someone his age and continues to experience success thanks to the knowledge he learned at that young age.

Unlike other successful investors who turn into professional investment advisors, Paul Mampilly shares his knowledge with the world through a newsletter. While the advice isn’t free, it’s also not the advice from a professional institution, and thus, doesn’t come with any guarantees. It’s up to every reader to act upon his suggestions.

One would think people would be able to figure that out, but sadly, many do not understand how newsletters work. There are a lot of people who call Paul Mampilly a fraud because they didn’t become millionaires overnight. Paul Mampilly makes no claims like that, but people get frustrated when things don’t go their way and lash out at innocent people.

Those that do correctly understand and act upon his suggestions make money off their own investments; it’s the reason his newsletter, Profits Unlimited, has over 90,000 subscribers. The newsletter doesn’t just show people which stocks to pay attention. Read more about Paul on

Profits Unlimited also talks about each stock in great detail. This shows mainstream Americans how to potentially spot primed stocks for themselves. That attention to detail is why so many people call Paul Mampilly an investment guru and trust his advice over everyone else’s.

Paul Mampilly started his career in 1991 when he worked as an assistant portfolio manager on Wall Street. His first job at Bankers Trust didn’t last long due to his natural gifts for finance. He quickly rose up the ranks of several financial institutions and started managing multimillion-dollar accounts.

Some of the banks he worked for, Deutsche Bank, worked as stepping points for his career. Eventually, he earned a job at Kinetics Asset Management, where he achieved his greatest accomplishments. He turned the $6 billion company into a $25 billion company in less than two years, earning the company the “World’s Best” title from Barron.

Paul Mampilly stayed in the investment industry until he grew tired of the fast pace. Wall Street only makes more money for the already rich and top one percent of society. For more information, visit:


Community Service

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Next Steps

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