Tim Duncan of Talos Energy

Tim Duncan is the chief executive officer of Talos Energy, an oil and natural gas production company. In 2017, Tim was deep in negotiations to obtain the public, yet failing company, Stone Energy. During this time, Hurricane Harvey began wreaking havoc on the city of Houston and as the flood waters rose, so did the tension.

He knew that he could not allow the flood to be an excuse to fail, so he toted his family to a FEMA rescue boat in waist-high waters, and headed for his parents home in a high and dry place in the city. It was from his mother’s dining room table that Tim would continue to negotiate the $2.5 billion mergers with Stone Energy, and ultimately, it was also where he would find success. Because of Stone Energy coming with a public status, Tim Duncan was able to flip Talos Energy into a public entity as well without causing the public any money.

Saving funds was especially crucial for the people of Houston during such a difficult time. Though it might seem like a risky move for Duncan to obtain a company that floundered and inevitably failed, he was never one to shy away from a challenge. With the two combining, the new company is now producing roughly 48,000 barrels of natural gas a day, and they anticipate far more significant numbers in the future.

Stone Energy may have come with a staggering debt of $700 million, but they also boast a massive $2.3 billion in assets. Coming out on top is nothing new to Tim Duncan, for years the thriving businessman has lingered around failing oil production companies just waiting for them to sell their shares for cents on the dollar.

Once he obtains one of these, he drills new wells and exploits the area to turn a profit. Shareholders can find comfort in Mr. Duncan’s wild tactics by looking at the successful moves he has taken in the past. Now that he owns the majority of oil fields in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico and along the Gulf Coast, Tim is sure to lead Talos Energy to the top of the market!

Peter Briger and his position in Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger, a co-chairman of the board of directors of Fortress Investment Group, gives generously to philanthropic causes. Fortress Investment Group, based in New York City, is one of the world’s premier investment funds.

Peter Briger is on the Board of Tipping Point and Caliber Schools. Tipping Point is an organization based in San Francisco, California, that helps local low-income families. Caliber Schools is a collection of charter schools that prepare students for college and careers.

Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002, as a member of the management committee. He became a member of Fortress’s Board of Directors in 2006 and was elected as a co-chairmen in 2009. At Fortress Investment Group, Briger deals with credit and real estate business. In this position, Briger overseas a team of more than three hundred individuals. His team works with different credit investments, as well as undervalued assets. Gift From Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship.

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Briger received his B.A. from Princeton University. He then attended the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, earning an MBA.

Briger worked at Goldman, Sachs, & Co. for fifteen years prior to joining Fortress Investment Group, He became a partner at Goldman, Sachs, & Co. in 1996. While at Goldman, Sachs, & Co., Peter Briger held several leadership roles and sat on many committees. Additionally, he was the co-head of such of a variety of groups within the organization.

In 2014, Institutional Investor, a monthly magazine published by Euromoney Institution Investor, named Fortress Investment Group as the “Hedge Fund Manager of the Year.” The same year, Fortress was named “Management Firm of the Year” by HFMWeek. In previous years, Fortress Investment Group has received a number of other recognitions, including being named Institutional Investor’s Discretionary Macro-Focused Fund of the Year in 2012, and Credit-focused Fund of the Year in 2011.

Jeff Yastine Points Out Hidden Opportunity

Jeff Yastine noticed something strange. He saw great potential for the solar industry, but on Wall Street, people did not seem to be buying them up. The stocks in the solar industry seemed to be undervalued. Of course, after Jeff Yastine recommended a certain solar stock, it rose by over ten percent. However, before he did that, people were just not interested in those stocks, or so it seemed. However, Jeff says that there is great potential in those stocks if you would only look. Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more.

The solar industry really is growing as more and more business are starting to use solar panels in order to power their businesses, says Jeff Yastine. This can be their offices or factories. In addition, many small time businesses, as well as homeowners, are starting to realize the benefits of using solar panels. After all, they will be able to help protect the environment while saving money in the long run. They will no longer have to pay for the regular sources of heating and gas that most homeowners have to pay for. In addition, the Internal Revenue Service is now going around and giving tax credits to people who are using solar energy in their homes. They want to help encourage people to save and protect the environment, and giving tax credits is an incentive that seems to be working pretty well. As more and more people switch to solar energy, the stocks of these companies will rise in price. That’s why you should start investing in those stocks right now, says Jeff. In some countries, using solar energy is already a standard norm. Some countries use solar energy in order to heat up their water, others use it in order to provide lighting, while yet others use it in order to fuel their cars and other vehicles.

The United States is not yet at that point, but in the near future, it is very likely that it will be. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and start investing in the next big thing, says Jeff Yastine, it is a good idea to put the money into those stocks right now. Just hold on to them and watch them grow over time. The solar industry is growing at a much faster rate than any other form of electricity. View: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffyastine


Ian King: There Is Still Room for Growth in the Cryptocurrency Market

Ian King is one of the leading experts on cryptocurrency trading. He was recently recruited by Banyan Hill Publishing Company whenever they were looking for an expert on the new asset class which is known as cryptocurrencies. In their search, they were looking for an individual who had both experience in the new asset class as well as experience as a professional trader on Wall Street. Ian King originally received a bachelor’s degree in psychology before entering the finance industry. He has worked for both Salomon Brothers, at their mortgage bond trading department, as well as the large banking entity Citigroup. Today he is the lead editor for Crypto Profit Trader a publication on cryptocurrencies by Banyan Hill Publishing Company. Learn more about Ian at Crunchbase.

Ian King has posted numerous articles on the benefits of blockchain technology and bitcoin. Over the last several years the price of bitcoin has increased dramatically to a peak in January of nearly $20,000 a coin. It is now trading just under $9000 a coin which may seem like a significant decrease, but whenever you consider that only one year ago the coin was still trading under $1000, apiece it becomes quite obvious that it has still experienced significant growth in a very short period of time. This has led many people to call the asset a bubble.

Ian King Banyan believes quite to the contrary and states that this is only the beginning for cryptocurrency markets. The reason that he believes this is that while a lot of people have heard about bitcoin very few people own it and even less understand it. He believes that in 2018 we will experience a tipping point in which the value of a product or an idea begins to spread like a virus amongst the general population.

In 2017 the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies grew from $18 billion to over $600 million. Just over nine years ago cryptocurrencies were absolutely minuscule. Today corporations and governments around the world are beginning to hire experts on blockchain technology in an effort to develop new ways to utilize the technology. Ian King believes that as the technology grows, it will become easier for everyday individuals to begin trading. Ian King believes that only around 10 million people around the world currently own any amount of bitcoin. This means that there is still significant room for growth in the industry. Institutional investors have yet to penetrate the market which means there is still huge sums of money that have yet to enter. Read more: http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/how-to-beat-the-crypto-scammers?post=164534


Paul Mampilly: Leading Tens of Thousands

Paul Mampilly’s journey to America’s best investment advisor is a long, arduous one. Perhaps arduous is the wrong word; perhaps Mampilly’s journey wasn’t that bad. He experienced tremendous success for someone his age and continues to experience success thanks to the knowledge he learned at that young age.

Unlike other successful investors who turn into professional investment advisors, Paul Mampilly shares his knowledge with the world through a newsletter. While the advice isn’t free, it’s also not the advice from a professional institution, and thus, doesn’t come with any guarantees. It’s up to every reader to act upon his suggestions.

One would think people would be able to figure that out, but sadly, many do not understand how newsletters work. There are a lot of people who call Paul Mampilly a fraud because they didn’t become millionaires overnight. Paul Mampilly makes no claims like that, but people get frustrated when things don’t go their way and lash out at innocent people.

Those that do correctly understand and act upon his suggestions make money off their own investments; it’s the reason his newsletter, Profits Unlimited, has over 90,000 subscribers. The newsletter doesn’t just show people which stocks to pay attention. Read more about Paul on Interview.net.

Profits Unlimited also talks about each stock in great detail. This shows mainstream Americans how to potentially spot primed stocks for themselves. That attention to detail is why so many people call Paul Mampilly an investment guru and trust his advice over everyone else’s.

Paul Mampilly started his career in 1991 when he worked as an assistant portfolio manager on Wall Street. His first job at Bankers Trust didn’t last long due to his natural gifts for finance. He quickly rose up the ranks of several financial institutions and started managing multimillion-dollar accounts.

Some of the banks he worked for, Deutsche Bank, worked as stepping points for his career. Eventually, he earned a job at Kinetics Asset Management, where he achieved his greatest accomplishments. He turned the $6 billion company into a $25 billion company in less than two years, earning the company the “World’s Best” title from Barron.

Paul Mampilly stayed in the investment industry until he grew tired of the fast pace. Wall Street only makes more money for the already rich and top one percent of society. For more information, visit: https://paulmampillyguru.com/