Graeme Holm Brings Financial Freedom To Australian Financial Clients.

After working for more than a decade in the finance industry, Graeme Holm was able to realize that there were some gaps in the service delivery by the personnel in the financial institutions. Firs, the clients of the organizations, came from different career backgrounds and not everyone that they served was sophisticated in the financial field. This was enough reason for the financial firms to consider giving financial advice to their clients, and especially the credit customers so that they could be able to meet their debt obligations effectively. However, this never happened. Instead, they could dictate terms to the customers, and due to their ignorance, some of them could find themselves in very rough financial difficulties after some time. This made Graeme Holm feel that something was wrong and challenged him to do something that could completely change the situation for these customers.


The decision that Graeme Holm took was to quit employment and form a parallel company that could offer that same services to the same customers, but in a more qualitative manner. Together with his Wife, Rebecca, they formed Infinity Group Australia, an organization that brought a new dawn to the families in Australia. After forming the company, Graeme Holm and his business partner and wife developed a strategic plan that they would later use to ensure that they provided the services that the financial customers needed and deserved. One of the mechanisms of the strategic plan was the introduction of a training forum where the clients of the organization would be educated on matters relating to debt management and the financial planning in general. In this category, they were trained on how to effectively pay the loans that they have borrowed from their financial lenders while at the same time sustaining the needs of their families. Learn more:


Another aspect that they were trained in the debt management was the budgeting on their income and expenses. Most of the clients had been involved in situations whereby they could never afford a balance between their income and their daily expenditure. This put them in a vicious state of financial difficulties, and consequently, they were unable to meet their loan obligation. To complement all this training, Infinity Group Australia also designed some loan schedules that could enable their debtors to track their outstanding balances and hence they can keep their payment program updated. The company also offers them with the knowledge to design monthly budgets that help them to track their expenditure and subsequently managing the level of their expenses.


The reception of Infinity Group Australia by the families all over Australia has been quite encouraging to Graeme Holm and his wife. The customers have expressed tremendous gratitude to the couple and the management of the organization for liberating them from the chains of exploitation by the older financial institutions. Through the reviews on the company’s website, the customers confess that their families are happier today with the services of Infinity Group Australia and hence the pride of Graeme Holm. Most of them also state that they have experienced financial freedom as a result of the company’s guidance.