Jeff Herman: Valuable Information to Parents in Guarding the Sexuality of Kids

Jeff Herman is a firm advocate of victims of sexual abuse. He represents them to ensure that they have found justice and help regarding their cases. Jeff won the $100 million verdict for a client who had been sexually abused by a priest. In the recent news, Jeff Herman was on the highlight of the news for representing many men in their sexual lawsuits against Kevin Cash. He founded a law firm called Herman Law that is committed to serving all the victims and survivors of sexual abuse in their civil suits in the nation.

Due to the rampant cases of sexual abuse, Jeff Herman has risen to give a hint to parents on how and why to protect their kids from such occurrences. He does this through both online platforms and offline. He has released some valuable advice to parents on how to communicate with their kids and alert them of the sexual crimes and the predators and how they can identify these kinds. He says that this information is crucial for them in helping them of any impending dangers in future. It is essential to protect the kids every time against the rapist and molesters. Jeff underlines some steps as described below.

The first step is to engage in a talk at the appreciate age. This means that you should begin talking to them about their bodies as early but also ensure that you keep the right boundaries with the kind of information that you give. Use the vocabularies that they can understand easily. The second step is to teach them the act of saying no. they should understand that they are above to make decisions as early. They do not have to accept every suggestion that comes on their way. Thirdly, take time to use examples so that they can relate to what you are bringing across. Insist on them that no one is allowed to touch their private parts. Jeff summarizes by advising the parents not keep talking about the matter every time. The sex talk should be an all-time conversation, which keeps them safe, open-minded and aware that their safety should be essential.