The Frontera Fund is Trying to Stop the Elimination of the DACA Program

The DACA program is a very important piece of legislation that benefits millions of people in this country. DACA stands for Deferred Action of Childhood Arrival. This program is beneficial to young and middle age illegal immigrants who have been living in the country before 2007. President Trump is currently trying to do away with this process as a part of his overall crackdown on illegal immigration. His actions could create a lot of chaos in the lives of many illegal immigrants, their children and within American society.


The biggest problem that could result from Trump’s action is the issue of deportation. If Trump and his supporters can do away with the DACA ACT they will be able to send hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens back to their birth countries. This would mean that illegal aliens could be rounded up and sent to the place where their parents had birthed them.


Many DACA recipients have their information recorded. Since they have temporary social security numbers and a home address, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can round these individuals up and send them back home without much of problem. This brings up the next dilemma.


Just because a person can be deported does not mean they do not have a right to contest their deportation. Since this is the case, if Trump’s elimination of DACA is successful, then the immigration courts could be jammed up for years with nearly a million immigrants trying to fight their deportation. Especially, if they have proof that they are living life no differently than any other American citizen.


Another situation to consider has to do with family. Many DACA members where minors when they first came to this country. They are now grown up adults and they have children of their own. Children born on U.S. soil are considered American citizens; even if their parents are not. The elimination of DACA could cause hundreds of thousands of children to experience broken families and lives. Parents can be separated from children and extended family relations can be ripped apart as well. No decent thinking American would want this to happen to anyone.


Larkin and Lacey are two important men from the Phoenix, Arizona area. They co-founded the Phoenix New Times paper. The two men created the Frontera Fund which serves the purpose of helping pro-immigration groups. Any group that works to improve the lives of immigrants and to protect their rights can benefit from Frontera support.


Lacey and Larkin understand the immigration paradox that has been plaguing this nation for the past 20 years. They have grown up in Arizona and witnessed it first-hand. They realize that many businesses rely on the hard work that DACA recipients provide. The newspaper owners also understand that various segments of society rely on the money that is generated by DACA members. The Frontera Fund is being used resourcefully in the fight against President Trump and his elimination of the DACA program.